HYDRO LOGIC, LLC   PO Box 427, Ten Sleep, WY 82442​​
  1. River Restoration
    Topographic Survey, Stream Classification, HEC-RAS Analysis, Project Design, US Army Corps of Engineer Permitting
  2. Wetlands
    Aquatic Resources Inventories, Delineations, Functional Assessments, Mitigation Design and Construction, Monitoring, Permitting, Seeding and Transplanting, Willow Harvesting and Planting
  3. Seeding/Planting
    Broadcast and Drill Seeding, Erosion Control, Willow Harvest and Planting
Hydro Logic, LLC
Environmental Specialists
Hydro Logic strives to meet all of your environmental and water resource needs. Hydro Logic was founded in 2004 and provides professional and friendly service throughout Wyoming and surrounding areas.  We specialize in wetland delineation, design and development, river restoration and enhancement, and most recently seeding and planting.
We are a Wyoming based business and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, going above and beyond to meet our clients' needs and expectations.