HYDRO LOGIC, LLC   PO Box 427, Ten Sleep, WY 82442​​
Stream and River Restoration: 
​Topographic Surveys, Steam Flow Measurements, Project Design, Stream Classification, US Army Corps of Engineer Permitting, Monitoring and Reporting, Bank Stabilization, HEC-RAS Analysis.


​Delineation,  Wetland Functional Assessments, Mitigation Design and Construction, Monitoring, Seeding and Sedge Plug Planting, Willow Harvesting and Planting
Seeding and Planting:
Broadcast Seeding, Drill Seeding, Mulch and Erosion Control Placement, Willow Harvesting and Planting
Addtional Services:
​Coal/Non-Coal Permitting, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Catagorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments,  Water Rights.